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The CHECtravel Founders

Joe Murray and Leslie Nicodemus, the creators of Know Your Trade, believe strongly in the home exchange concept. They have both traveled extensively, with and without exchanging, and have long recognized the advantages that home exchange offers. To this end they created KYT to enrich the trading experience and make the entire home exchange process easier and less mysterious. Running Know Your Trade gave them the opportunity to get an inside view of many of the needs of the home exchange community. They discovered that there was a necessity to set standards within the community, both for the home exchange agency and the individual exchanger.

So CHECtravel was born. Working with our founding partners, Nicole Frank and Sandy Myers of the Home Exchange Travels blog, in addition to our Council of home exchange club owners, we set benchmarks of excellence Our commitment is to build a community of home exchangers who adhere to those standards, thus increasing the level of security, comfort and confidence in the world of home exchange.

Our mediator: Phyllis Carrera, Master of Psychology with an emphasis in guidance and counseling, has recently joined our staff.

CHECtravel, Peace of Mind for Home Exchangers

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