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Reporting Procedure

Complaint Form:
If you have experienced a problem with any member of CHECtravel, whether a home exchange agency or an individual member, CHEC administration needs to hear about it. CHEC has a strict policy of two strikes. After two verified and unresolved complaints, the member's CHEC subscription is suspended indefinitely. Use the Complaint Form when an exchanger has breached the CHEC Code of Conduct.

Member Status Information: As a service to individual subscribers, CHEC offers a personal inquiry service. Any member may inquire as to the status of any other member at any time by emailing their member number and the member number they wish to inquire about to The reply will be one of three responses:

  • In good standing
  • One unresolved complaint
  • Suspended
Subscribers are asked to keep all inquires confidential and communicate only with

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