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To Our Members:

CHEC home exchangers agree to conduct themselves with the highest home exchange ethics. CHEC members who follow the CHEC Code can display the coveted CHEC logo icon2 on their home exchange listings. CHEC members may also avail themselves of CHEC home exchanger travel insurance including the $1,500.00 visiting exchanger damage waiver, mediation services and all other features and benefits offered by CHECtravel.

CHEC Code of Conduct t

CHEC members are respectful when communicating with other home exchangers. This includes:

  • Making sure we check the email account associated with our exchange listing weekly.
  • Replying to all home exchange inquiries, even if just to say "no thanks".
  • Limiting the number of inquiries we send per day to ten per swap destination.
  • Following up on all replies to inquiries we send.

CHEC members are honest and open about our homes. We:

  • Ensure our home listing description is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Update our swap partners about any conditions in our home or neighborhood which might affect them.
  • Leave our home clean, secure and well-maintained.

CHEC members are trustworthy. We:

  • Follow through on our exchange commitments except in cases of true emergency.
  • Do our best to make alternate arrangements for our fellow exchangers if we must modify the exchange plans.
  • Admit to any damage or breakage that occurs in the exchange home due to our stay and offer appropriate compensation to our partners.
  • Get advance permission to accommodate all members of our exchange party and have no additional guests without permission.

CHEC members are excellent hosts, even in absentia. To ensure our swap partners' comfort, we:

  • Provide detailed instructions for caring for our homes and/or pets and home rules in advance so our swap partners can commit to honoring our requirements with full knowledge.
  • Make our homes ready for our partners by providing fridge space, clean sheets and towels, and all amenities promised.
  • Leave emergency contact info to quickly address repairs, emergencies and missing keys.
  • Provide keys, area maps and tourism suggestions (local attractions, restaurants and events).
  • Ask our swap partners to perform as few chores as possible and gain their explicit advance agreement to do these tasks.

CHEC members are the perfect guests. We make sure to:

  • Follow all house rules.
  • Treat our swap partners' home with the utmost degree of care and responsibility.

CHEC members work to enhance the CHEC community by:

  • Providing CHEC with feedback on problems or praise relating to swap clubs or partners.
  • Adding current CHEC member logos to swap listings and removing logos promptly if membership expires or is lost.

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