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CHEC takes the worry out of home exchange.

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Here's Why You Should Join CHECtravel Today!

In addition to the exclusive Travel Guard home exchange insurance, the mediation and concierge services, you should join if you:
  • Are uncomfortable about having a stranger in your home: With CHECtravel there are no strangers.
    • All CHEC members have their address verified
    • All information is kept private and not shared with other CHECtravel members.
    • Each member has also agreed to abide by the CHEC Code of Conduct as a requirement for membership.
  • Are worried about the possibility of a bad exchanger: With CHECtravel, the chances of you running into a bad exchanger are slim. If an exchanger does not adhere to the Code of Conduct, simply fill in our evaluation form and the issue will be handled appropriately, with measures ranging from warnings to expulsion. All reported issues with CHEC members will be available upon request.

  • Want to make sure you and your exchange partner agree to terms of the trade: Use our interactive agreement forms

  • Want to know which home exchange club to join: CHECtravel home exchange agencies (pictured below)all adhere to the industry's most stringent Standards and Practices. CHEC assures this by maintaining an invitation only policy.
  • Want to know which clubs to avoid: In the CHECtravel member area, the Join at Your Own Risk section has information on clubs that have practiced unethical behavior and if they still continue to do so.

  • Need help solving exchange problems: If problems should arise with your exchange partner or club, CHEC provides moderated chats and third party mediation services designed to expedite a solution in most situations. In the rare case that the problem cannot be solved using CHEC methods, we provide referrals to outside mediation services.

  • Love to save money: CHECtravel is working with our many vendors to offer discounts and rebates to our members.


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